Scholarships for Current Gateway Students

Scholarship applications for the 2021-2022 academic year for current Gateway Community College students, who will be continuing in the fall 2021, semester are closed.  Scholarship Award announcements and listings will be posted in June 2021.


2019 Donor/Scholar Luncheon

Awarding scholarships is the most rewarding work that they do and since 1999, the Gateway Community College Foundation has awarded $1,691,284 in scholarships to more than 23,282 deserving students.


The Gateway Community College Foundation scholarship program is made possible because of the generosity and vision of individuals, corporations, and foundations throughout Greater New Haven. Scholarship awards help students begin, resume or continue their education, and recognize outstanding academic performance. The recipients and the generous donors who support the scholarship program are celebrated at a Donor/Scholar program.

For many well-deserving recipients—especially those facing financial hardship or balancing challenging work and family commitments while pursuing their education—these scholarships often mean the difference between staying in college or leaving with the dream of education unfulfilled.


Scholarship opportunities encompass an array of disciplines including business, early childhood education, engineering technology, health care, human services, liberal arts, mathematics, media services, and science.


Scholarships also reflect donor-specified requirements, such as financial need, academic merit, community service, nontraditional pathways, and specific geographic residency.


The GCC Foundation is a vital thread in the fabric of our college community, providing an equitable lifeline to a diverse student population who are challenged by their financial limitations. In the word of one student, “For most of us that this extra gift is not only the financial support we need, but also the encouragement to push us to that extra mile toward achieving our goals.”

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Table 24

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Table 4


“Greater New Haven is blessed to have many philanthropists who are generous with their time and support for causes in which they believe,” Melton says. “They remember how they got to where they are, and they understand the opportunity education offers our students and our community.”

                 -Ruby H. Melton, Chair, Scholarship Committee; Director, Gateway Community College Foundation; Community Leader

Your gifts provide students with a Gateway to opportunity.

2020 Scholarship Recipient

James Del Rio Arcila, Cheshire

Scholarship Awards: Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield Nursing/Allied Health Scholarship, Laptop Scholarship and Family Economic Security Program (FESP) Scholarship

Thanks for the scholarship. It is very important to know that they are thinking of the students and in one way or another makes us feel taken into account. This motivates us to get ahead, and to respond in the best way with our studies. In addition, I also know that there are many other people who work hard every day so that we can all continue the classes, and I know that they are attentive to solve our needs and helping in their work.

2020 Scholarship Recipient

Sheena J. Infante-Davis, Hamden



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academic year.


scholarships ranging from $250 to $2,000 were awarded

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Scholarship Awards: Chaine des Routisseurs CT Biallage Gabor Huszar

For most scholarship recipients, money is an issue, and being able to afford college is difficult. But the generous donors who funded the Foundation scholarships we were awarded make it possible for us to continue on our path to success. They fuel our passion and determination. Their belief in us means we are getting the best possible education and pushes us closer to achieving our dreams.

I’m grateful for the support that’s helping me reach my full potential. Attending Gateway with the help of Foundation scholarships is enabling me to become wiser, more resilient and ready to conquer the world.