Scholarship Recipients Honored at Annual
Donor/Scholar Luncheon


The Gateway Community College (GCC) Foundation celebrated Gateway’s scholarship recipients and the generous donors who support the scholarship program at a June 5 luncheon at the New Haven Lawn Club. More than $111,000 in scholarships was made available to Gateway students—the largest amount awarded since the Foundation’s establishment in 1993.


The 108 scholarship recipients were recognized and rewarded for outstanding academic performance, encompassing a broad range of academic disciplines, including business, early childhood education or special education, engineering technology, health care, human services, liberal arts, mathematics, media services and science. “It is always exciting to bring the donors and recipients together for this event,” says Thomas Griggs, chair of the GCC Foundation Board.


“There is nothing quite as touching as seeing them together. The donors get to meet the beneficiaries of their generosity and see, for themselves, the impact they make on another’s well-being, and students are able to say ‘thank you’ and express their appreciation.”

The GCC Foundation awarded a total of 130 scholarships, ranging from $250 to $2,000. For many recipients—especially those facing financial hardship or balancing work and family commitments while pursuing their education—these scholarships often mean the difference between staying in, or dropping out, of college. One such story came from Ashlie Grasa, pictured here with Dr. Kendrick. Grasa, who spoke at the luncheon, shared how her mother and brother were regularly victims of domestic violence by her father, and how her grandfather fed her curiosity to learn.

After she and her husband relocated to New Haven, Grasa decided to pursue a formal education. She said, “Gateway has given me the opportunity to pursue my goals and has given me opportunities that I never even knew existed.” She continued, “Without [the generous donations from donors] many of us would not have the opportunity to pursue our dreams and goals. I’d like to thank each and every one of you for giving us a chance to change our lives for the better and for setting us on the right path for success.”


“This event exemplifies one of my favorite quotes by John C. Maxwell,” said GCC President Dorsey Kendrick. “’People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.’ Nowhere is this truer than when the students and the donors meet.”  


The Foundation also awarded 10 scholarships to high school graduates who just entered Gateway Community College for the fall semester.

The Gateway Community College Foundation assists the College in expanding its services to students, enhancing academic instruction and investing in Connecticut’s future. It advocates for the College and creates nurturing partnerships with businesses, organizations, and institutions throughout the community. It also provides necessary resources that enable the College to carry out its mission of providing high-quality instruction and comprehensive services in an environment conducive to learning. The Foundation funds scholarships for students, professional development grants for faculty and staff, and programmatic equipment for the College.


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