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Scholarship Program for Continuing and Entering Gateway Students

Each year, the Gateway Community College Foundation awards scholarships to help students begin or continue their education and to recognize and reward outstanding academic performance. The scholarship program is made possible through the generosity and vision of individuals, corporations and foundations throughout Greater New Haven and beyond.

Continuing education scholarship opportunities encompass a broad range of academic disciplines, including business, early childhood education or special education, engineering technology, health care, human services, liberal arts, mathematics, media services and science. They also acknowledge recipients who fit donor-specified requirements, such as financial need; academic merit; community service; “lapsed” academic career; specific geographic residency; an employee of, or the child or grandchild of an employee of, the donor company; etc.

In 2013, 137 scholarships ranging from $250 to $2,000 were awarded to deserving Gateway Community College students. For many recipients – especially those facing financial hardship or balancing work and family commitments while pursuing their educations – these scholarships often mean the difference between staying in or dropping out of Gateway Community College.

The Foundation also awards scholarships to high school students who will be entering Gateway Community College after their graduation. In 2014, 26 scholarships will be awarded to entering Gateway freshmen.

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